What is Startup LaunchLab?

Startup LaunchLab focuses on teaching entrepreneurship to science, arts and business students together, in an authentic experiential way, as a University of the Sunshine Coast funded learning and teaching project.

Why this project and how does it work?

The future of work is changing radically. Digital disruption, automation and globalisation are transforming the labour market, making it imperative for graduates to develop their entrepreneurship skills.

Startup LaunchLab builds on the successful Multi-disciplinary Experiential Entrepreneurship Model (MEEM) trial project. The aim is to embed an authentic entrepreneurship education experience into a credit bearing course for a multi-disciplinary cohort of students. Experiential entrepreneurship empowers graduates to be confident, innovative, proactive and ready to create the future in emerging sectors.

This project enhances the student experience and positions USC as a regional leader in experiential entrepreneurship.