Startup Launchlab is based on a pedagogical approach call MEEM. This approach was developed through an exploratory teaching and learning project in 2014-15. Below are the reports that outline the trials undertaken during this project.

Research Papers

Research outputs from this project contribute to entrepreneurship education, journalism education and higher education. The following papers are to be submitted to peer reviewed journals:

Barnes, R. & De Villiers Scheepers, M.J. Tackling uncertainty for journalism graduates, Journalism Practice, 1-21. DOI: 10.1080/17512786.2016.1266277. 

De Villiers Scheepers, M.J.& Barnes, R. Theorising an entrepreneurial learning model for higher education. Working paper. Final paper to be submitted to Higher Education Research & Development.

De Villiers Scheepers, M.J. & Barnes, R. Student engagement through curriculum design: Bringing Silicon Valley into the classroom. Working paper. Final paper to be submitted to Innovations in Education and Teaching International.

Research Poster

De Villiers Scheepers, M.J., Barnes, R., Terton, U. & Alle, D. 2015. Multi-disciplinary experiential entrepreneurship: Hearing the student voice. Conference Poster. 

Conference papers and presentations

The grant team has authored a number of conference papers and presented their findings at a number of fora.

Impact Report (SWSC) – Scheepers, M.J. & Holland, M. (2014) Start-up Weekend Sunshine Coast: Impact report 2014

De Villiers Scheepers, M.J, Barnes, R., Visser, I. & Fairweather, H. (2016)  Developing an entrepreneurial mindset: The solution to an uncertain, jobless futureUSC LT Conference. 

De Villiers Scheepers, M.J. & Barnes, R. (2015) Experiential entrepreneurship: a learning model to enhance graduates’ career management skills USC L&T presentation.

De Villiers Scheepers, M.J., Barnes, R. & Elsom, S. (2014) Pitches and pivots: Bringing Silicon Valley to the classroom. USC 2014 Learning and Teaching Week.
Awarded People’s Choice Award, Faculty of Arts and Business.

Barnes, R. (2014) Tackling uncertainty for journalism graduates: A model for teaching experiential entrepreneurshipProceedings of the 2014 Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia Conference.

Holland Eikeland, M., Craig, J. & De Villiers Scheepers, M.J. (2015) Evaluating experiential entrepreneurship education: Are we hearing the nascent entrepreneur voice? Paper presented at Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research Exchange (ACERE), Adelaide. 


The trial project run from 2013-2014 was called MEEM, and focused on arts, business and social science students. In 2015 this was expanded to include engineering students, and is now called Startup LaunchLab.

de Villiers Scheepers, M.J., Barnes, R. & Terton, U. (2015) Multi-disciplinary experiential entrepreneurship model (MEEM): Empowering students to create the future through experiential entrepreneurship.

de Villiers Scheepers, R. Barnes, R. Terton, U. 2015 Multi-disciplinary experiential entrepreneurship model (MEEM): Empowering students to create the future through experiential entrepreneurship, Final report 2015: Executive Summary.